How Shariah Law Courts Work

Shariah Law courts operate quite differently than the ones adopted in various countries. Even though, this is not implemented in many countries that include Muslim countries as well. Still there is some aspect of Shariah Law implemented in fragments. However, the basic fundamentals and practice of Shariah Law courts are as following:

  • Shariah Law has one judge without any jury. This means one person has to determine whether a crime has been committed or not and whether to hand out punishment. The judge can take advice of an Islamic scholar if he feels like it.

Islamic Sharia in Islam

  • Concept of lawyers in Shariah Law courts is not unprecedented but in most cases, both parties would represent themselves in verbal form. This means they will plead their case orally.

sharia law in islam

  • There is literally no substance given to written evidences in Shariah Law courts. The most important evidence is considered to be of eye witnesses. Eye witnesses, most instances will require two adult Muslim males, will testify to an event occurring. They will explain the matter in detail and let the judge decide.