Muslim Woman Status, Rights, Hijab, Marriage under Sharia Law of Islam

Women in Islam have had their say in political and religious matters as well. Hazrat Aisha’s advice was sought on various political and religious matters. Caliph Omar had to withdraw his one decision because a woman corrected him by referring to a verse in Quran.

Sharia Law for Women

This highlights the freedom of expression given to Muslim women by Islam. Muslim women simply cannot be forced to get married to someone they do not want to, they have rights to either accept or reject a proposal.

Women Sharia Law in Islam

Sharia Law and Women Rights

Furthermore, Islam does not prohibit woman to work or earn a living. It is primarily a man’s duty but it isn’t forbidden for Muslim women to work outside their households. Sharia of Islam give equal right to women against men.

Sharia Law in Islam

Hence, it can be concluded that in order to fully understand rights of women in Islam, it is essential to understand basic teachings of Islam in this matter.