Rights of women Under Muslim sharia

Women under Sharia are required to put covers on their body  Status of women in Muslim Shariaas a whole to not to reveal any part of themselves to a Non-Mehram. Mehram under Sharia is a person who is Husband, Father or a Brother to a Muslim Woman. This law has been compulsorily practiced by all women in some Islamic countries following Muslim Sharia such as Saudi Arabia. Women under Islamic Sharia are also strictly subservient to their male guardians. According to the Muslim Sharia, a married woman is obliged to follow all the regulations of her husband and she cannot perform any act without the permission of her husband including doing some job,

rights of women in under muslim sharia council

going out or involving herself in any kind of other activity. In the case of unmarried women, their guardian is the immediate Mehram.

Status of women in Muslim Sharia